Though it's a complicated problem, but I shall try my best to solve it.

Last night I dreamt I was eating bees.

Doctor, can you hear me out?

There was no time to think.

I didn't drink tea yesterday.

Why did you attack them?

Not bad for a start.

Have you ever listened to the French version of this opera?

The rain whipped against the window.

True understanding requires the greatest of wisdoms.


Are your children with you?

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Tobias is with his parents.


Can you tell a Chinese person from Japanese?


I'd like to ask you about a patient you treated.

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You may as well know that I am a strict instructor.

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Please put the dustpan in the broom closet.

I'll call him when I get there.

He used to get up early when he was young.


After careful consideration, Meehan agreed.

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Barbra is a very good student, isn't he?

James proposed to Ruth in front of the church.

I don't think this sentence is grammatically correct.


They seem unstoppable.

We can't use this.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.


I told you it was stupid.

I want to improve myself.

Let us start our week.

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I already speak French.


Cease fire!


She got in at 9 p.m.

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

Mwa asked Kurt what she thought the problem was.


I have to fix my flat tire before I can resume cycling.

The truth is that I don't really love you anymore.

Alfred decided to sell one of his cars to Pantelis.

Maybe I'll come out of retirement.

That's a very big bite.

Don't worry about such a trifle thing.

Maybe we should switch jobs.

You shouldn't make light of a headache.

I lose things all the time.


I'm beginning to realize that you don't really like me as much as I like you.

I've been feeling a little tense lately.

He is apparently a pianist.


He has a second job.

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Nicolo arrived at the party with Jeffery.

Miriamne seems to want this as badly as Lila does.

I need to be with my kids for Christmas.

At last he found the evidence he was looking for.

I keep thinking about her.

Jan didn't miss the meeting.

Dora wants to learn about Dao.

We were just trying to scare you.

They saw it as the brave act of a strong man.

She can speak Spanish as well as English.

He's going to join our club.

Could you let it out?

Love songs move me.

We are crawling like babies.

How did you know Po would lie to me?

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I can't tell anyone.

Our teacher really stands on ceremony, doesn't she?

Panama is a piker compared to Fifth Avenue.

Why don't you go with us?

Let's suppose that she was here.

Naturally he accepted the invitation.

Mariko is good at speaking English.


The police locked her up.

That job paid well.

I know Stanley is missing.

She felt insecure about her future.

My pen is new.

He made the coffee too strong.

I haven't even told you the best part yet.

Meg didn't even look at me.

He traveled west by train.

He is to start tomorrow.

Rand's suffering.


Both parties took a step towards a solution.

You will never beat me, you hear? Never!

That wasn't very convincing.


This place was bombed during the war.

In February it snows at least every three days.

We felt all caged in.

You look fat.

Let me google that for you.

She thought of him as her lifesaver.

Are native English speakers used to learning other languages?

I love you more than anything in the world.

It never occurred to me that what I was doing might be illegal.

There's a lot of anticipation.

I can't understand what they were thinking.


I warned Matthias not to eat that.

You want to be honest.

What'll Joon do if Roberto doesn't show up?


OK, I'm convinced.

It is war's prize to take all vantages, and ten to one is no impeach of valour.

There's not a big difference.

Have you read my list of demands?

Why wouldn't you let me get a driver's license?

He put the machine in motion.

I am planting beans in my garden.

She bought two dozen eggs.

Know that you are my first client.


People are becoming more short-tempered and violent.


Why wait until now?

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I had to walk here because my car broke down.

Marriages based on passionate, blind love seldom work out.

I move that we continue the discussion.


I've never been so proud of Clem.

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I'd like to help, but I've got an important meeting to attend.


Niels held up his right hand.

The airplanes climbed very high.

You've got to study harder.

What will become of Japan?

He finished it as quick as lightning.

You're wearing the clothes you wore yesterday.

I left earlier than my sister.

This is an island in the Caribbean Sea.

I'd rather be dead than red.

Dinner's at six.

As soon as the argument ended, I left the office forthwith.

This moment will nap, you will have a dream; But this moment study,you will interpret a dream.

Time's up. Please pass in your exams.

Brian is the perfect man for the job.

Send the package to me at this address.

I've been busy today.

Are you telling me you can't swim?


Curiosity killed the cat.

Mats rinsed his mouth.

I like a dog better than a cat, for the former is more faithful than the latter.

He is an eager beaver.

This dictionary is as useful as yours.

Things went very smoothly.

I know I've said some pretty stupid things today.

A festival is held at the rice harvest.

The person who breaks his word breaks also a hope.


It hasn't always been easy.

I was invited.

Orchids demand daily care.

I'm concerned about my wife's hacking cough.

Ron arrived at the train station just as his train was pulling away from the platform.


He denies that he did it.

It will be a long time before I can buy a house.

I'm going to have to get the others to help us.

He is a VIP.

The Jacksons are our neighbors.

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Little did I think that I would win the prize.

He's been grounded for a week.

She made a list.

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Maarten is obedient, isn't he?

And he calls himself a sniper!

People treat me with respect.

Not dressing warmly in winter can result in catching a bad cold.

She stared at him with frightened eyes.


Thank you for bringing her.


They don't have an ear for music.


Malus shut the door behind him.

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You probably have some heavy luggage.

You forgot to thank Claudia for the present, didn't you?

Could you please help me find a place to hide?